About Us 

This website was started in 2012 by a 13 year old girl who wanted to make a change and bring an impact after she
volunteered at a local charity for starving children. She felt moved by the results and is still striving to inform people of
starvation and abuse. As of today her heart is still set on missions and broken for abusedwomen and children. She has
been on a mission trip to a country in Central America and is excited to go annually! Each and everyday her goal is to
bring hope to the hopeless, with a smile and the word of God, along with help in any way possible! She strives for people
to have the same fire and passion for the physical and spiritual health, safety, and security for others as she does!

If you're someone who is ready to be God's hands and feet but don't know how to start, you're on the right website! We
are here to not only raise awareness for growing, world-wide problems, but to help other get started in the amazing gift
of ministry! We hope that you can "like" our page on Facebook to get updates about what's happening and even share
for yourself what God is doing in your life with your gifts! Don't forget to tell your friends and family! Have a blessed day!

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