Harvest India Mission Trip

This summer a team of 10 women from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ have the incredible opportunity to travel to the country of India! Throughout the whole month of May, these women will be between Delhi and the state of Andhra Pradesh. They will be partnering with the 45 year established NGO called Harvest India. This organization's goal is, to serve the lowest of low, through meeting tangible needs while sharing the love of Christ. In their 45 years of operation, this organization has witnessed 7 million people come to know Jesus as their savior! How amazing! However, there is still much work to be done with 1.3 billion people in India! Harvest impacts many areas of ministry, though this team will be focusing on the growing issue of sex-trafficking. Currently, there are 27 million people being held in trafficking today worldwide. In India, young girls are sold into the industy as early as the age of 7, due to poverty. The GCU team has the amazing chance to go and love on the women who have been rescued out by Harvest! They will be working between 4 different after-care centers, where the majority of the women are of Hindu faith. These centers are not only an alternative source of income but also a healing place for these women.

The Power of Testimony

This is the testimony of Cassie Heyer, a woman preparing to go on this life changing experience. "I personally am going on this trip because I feel that God is calling me to India to show these women Jesus. As soon as I heard about this trip, my heart broke for these women who are currently living a horrific lifestyle that they did not choose. I cannot sit back and do nothing. These women need Jesus! They need to know that their life does NOT end here, but there IS a future for them. Their lives can be restored through Christ! The past few months I have been researching the issue of human trafficking and more specifically sex-trafficking. From that reasearch, I have found that my heart is completely broken foor these women and children who are going through this "modern-day-slavery" all over the world. It is absolutly ridiculous how human beings can be treated as slaves. You wouldn't think that this could possibly be going on in this day and age, but this issue is only growing. Human traficking is something that God has put on my heart to end. Yes, this issue is ginormous, but I believe that there can be a change. I believe that God has the power to end this. We as Christians need to show these victims that they are precious to Jesus. I want to learn how to minister to people who have gone through this. I want these Hindu women to know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer! Their gods may fail them but my God never will! God is going to do big things in India!! Lives are going to be changed as God moves in the hearts of both my team and the people we come in contact with!!

Supporting the GCU Team

Their team still isn't complete without senders. This is where YOU come in! If you have been moved by the information and/ or testimony of Cassie and feel like you're supposed to help her and her team, now is your chance! One way, is being a prayer warrior! The effectiveness of the GCU team's ministry for the kingdom of God relies on all of us playing our part! Their team needs as many prayer warriors as they can get to pray for them from now, up until their team returns at the end of May! Another way to help support their team is being a financial supporter. Each individual on the team needs to raise a total amount of $2,600. Now is the time to start praying about giving this amazing team of women a tax-deductible donationfor their trip! If you would like to make a donation please go to the "Getting Invloved" page for more information.

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